Mobilize the Immigrant Vote builds the voting power of low-income immigrants, refugees and young people of color  across California

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We envision a just and democratic California, country, and world in which  all people, regardless of migration status, are full and equal citizens



Mobilize the Immigrant Vote convenes multi-racial, intergenerational networks to build the voting power of low-income immigrants, refugees, and young people of color in California.  We use a three-pronged approach to achieve our goals: lead with culture, build capacity and develop leaders, and run coordinated voter engagement campaigns.


Organizers at our 2016 Northern California Fall bootcamp embodying support and connection


Black Immigration Network making art for the 2015 launch of Until We Are All Free

Organizers from our partner Chinese Progressive Association taking a break from phone banking for a #CleanDREAMact


Leading with Culture


We work with culturally intact communities whose members often speak primary languages other than English and are new or occasional voters. Collaborating with our community based partners, we create culturally appropriate campaigns and narratives in our own languages. This helps highlight the voices, surface shared values, and identify priorities of our communities.

In 2014 MIV shifted to utilizing cultural strategy - integrating, art, culture and advocacy - to shift public attitudes and behaviors toward a more just and equitable society.




Learn more about our cultural strategy


2015 Art Build for Make It Fair Commercial Property Tax Reform

Artists and Organizers coming together at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts for conversations around imagining new futures in October 2017

Organizer and Artist, Indigo Mateo, singing a revolution song at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts for Mobilize the Immigrant Vote


Capacity Building & Leadership Development



Mobilize the Immigrant Vote's community based partners have different experience levels in electoral organizing. We provide them with focused one-on-one capacity and skills building benefits, and peer-to-peer learning opportunities, and technical assistance. 

In 2016, recognizing limited investment in the civic engagement of young people of color - many of whom are the children of immigrants and refugees - MIV co-launched YVote, a youth focused civic engagement project, anchored at Movement Strategy Center. In summer 2017 we co-launched the New Majority Fellowship to train young people to build power and create lasting change in their communities through electoral organizing.

Since 2014 a key component of our capacity building work is our signature annual Movement Building Electoral Organizing Boot Camp. Our Boot Camp helps to close the skills gap that our MIV Alliance members and Yvote partners in electoral organizing face and is an opportunity for participants to build relationships in preparation for coordinated statewide campaigns.

2016 Southern California Fall Bootcamp class

Organizers at our 2017 Northern California Fall bootcamp getting to know each other


Inaugural 2014 Southern California Bootcamp class

Reflections from Boot Camp participants.

It was very impactful to come together with organizers of color from across the state to collaborate, learn, and share ideas. I feel like I am a part of a larger movement and have the necessary support to engage young people of color in civic activism. - Niq Toliver, Community Coalition
This is the best training that I have participated in since 2007. The MBEO Boot Camp grounded us in culture and history as an inspirational framework to dive into electoral organizing, which is often isolating, exhausting, and lacks representation from our communities. I was deeply moved that facilitators not only shared their skills and knowledge but also challenges they face in the work. It was important to acknowledge shared struggle in this work and lift nourishment from our cultures and communities. Boot Camp was well organized, nuanced, and comprehensive. It was the heart that the staff put into the trainings that shone through and was so inspiring.  I feel grateful to have participated in this space. - Beatriz Herrera, San Francisco Rising


Working with our MIV Alliance members and YVote partners, MIV carries out annual multi-pronged field campaigns during both election and off election years. Campaign focus areas vary from year to year, but always have the end goal of improving the daily lives of our communities, building long term community infrastructure and capacity, and connecting electoral work with ongoing organizing and advocacy work.

Campaign strategies include canvassing, phonebanking, and strategic communications work. Within these various methods of voter engagement, we lead with values and culture to maximize impact.

Northern California 2016 Fall Bootcamp Class

Our work in numbers

Since 2010, Mobilize the Immigrant Vote has:

  • Completed 10 annual statewide civic engagement campaigns in California, involving over 200 community-based organizations across the state
  • Reached over 670,000  immigrants, refugees, and young people of color through strategic communications, 1:1 live voter contact, and voter education.