California Immigrant Rights Organizations Call for Common Sense Immigration Process that Ensures Opportunity for All

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California Immigrant Rights Organizations Call for Common Sense Immigration Process that Ensures Opportunity for All

- (CA) Mobilize the Immigrant Vote (MIV) and its partners, call for a common sense immigration process that will unite families here in America, and ensure opportunities for all Americans, including the 11 million aspiring citizens who’ve moved to this country to pursue the American Dream.

“This bill is historic step forward and a strong start toward a modern and just immigration system in this country, but there is still a lot of work to be done. We appreciate and applaud the Senate’s work on this initial proposal and we look forward to changes that reflect a common sense immigration process that will keep our families together,” said Aparna Shah, Executive Director of Mobilize the Immigrant Vote (MIV).

“We will continue to advocate that the final piece of legislation to include family reunification, protection of worker’s rights and a roadmap to citizenship for aspiring citizens,” said Patricia Diaz, Executive Director of Services, Immigrant Rights & Education Network (SIREN). Diaz also contributed, “While this legislation is a step in the right direction we are disappointed to see enforcement measures that have been leveraged to gain agreement on the bill. The time is now for a common sense immigration reform that upholds our nations values of equality and justice and strengthens the foundation that America was built on.”

Alex Tom, Executive Director of the Chinese Progressive Association (CPA), further detailed, “The roadmap to citizenship for new Americans should emphasize inclusion for all and family unity. Our community is disappointed at the move from a family-based immigration system to a “merit”-based system that prioritizes those with access to college and other skills, while leaving out low-wage workers and those with family ties. America’s strength is its diversity – we need all types of workers and students to build our economy, not just high-skilled and high-tech workers. We strongly advocate for the inclusion of all family members, including LGBTQ families, those who have been deported, are detained, or have deportation orders. The roadmap should not exclude people based on minor offenses or limit accessibility through hefty fines.”

“The goal of this legislation is to answer the call of people around the country to create a system that honors our values, and to give 11 million people a chance at legal status and have access to citizenship. We are asking for modern and just immigration system, let’s not emphasize burdensome and unrealistic requirements that are contrary to our goal and our needs as a country,” continued MIV Executive Director, Aparna Shah.

Dae Joong Yoon, Executive Director of the Korean Resource Center (KRC), added, “While we work to improve the bill throughout the legislative process, we’ll also work to pass a bill in a more participatory and meaningful way to include the community voices to truly reflect the democratic process in which laws are made.”

“People move to make life better for themselves and their families. All children and future generations deserve greater opportunities for a better life, and all families have the basic right to be and stay together,” stated Suzanne Foster, Executive Director of Pomona Economic Opportunity Center (PEOC). Foster continued, “We believe in an America that lives up to the opportunities promised in our Declaration of Independence- that all are created equal and have the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

“We are defined by our shared opportunities and how we honor our commitment to these values as Americans. Aspiring citizens are committed to this country. Let’s create a common sense immigration process that will ensure opportunity for all,” concluded MIV Executive Director, Aparna Shah.

Mobilize the Immigrant Vote is a 501 (c3) committed to empowering the lives of immigrants and their families in California. For more information please visit


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