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May 19, 2009 Statewide Special Election Information

Election Results from the California Secretary of State website

2010 Census

In 2010, the U.S. government will conduct its next population analysis, the 2010 Census. There is an imminent threat that low-income communities of color will not be counted sufficiently, which could have devastating effects on resource distribution and political representation. Many of the skills community organizations have developed to engage voters can be applied to engage community members in responding to the census survey. Organizations can help increase the census count by becoming a U.S. Census partner at the U.S. Census website. Educational information on the census is available from the Nonprofit Voter Engagement Network and the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights. The MIV Steering Committee will be announcing how we will incorporate the Census into our 2010 California Campaign later this year.

Toolkit for Movement-Building Electoral Organizing

Produced by the Partnership for Immigrant Leadership and Action, the Mobilize the Immigrant Vote Toolkit for Movement Building Electoral Organizing has numerous tools to aid your voter education and mobilization program. It includes voting rights and education handouts, planning worksheets, and sample materials and training agendas in Chinese, English, and Spanish.

Download a free copy of the PILA MIV Toolkit!

Tackling Wedge Issues

Wedge Issues
To educate our communities, promote constructive dialogue on potentially divisive issues, and to support solidarity among marginalized groups, MIV compiled training curricula on LGBT rights and reproductive justice. Download these user-friendly political education tools to use in your community today!

MIV 2008 Immigrant Voices Platform

MIV developed the 2008 Immigrant Voices Platform to identify the issues important to low-income immigrant communities. We want to provide a tool for individuals to use when deciding how to vote. We created this document with input from community members, partner organizations, and allies throughout the state. Low-income immigrants and people of color can use their vote to create positive change in California. Our votes reflect our priorities and values. All people, regardless of immigration status, have a right to quality education, good jobs, health care, public benefits, affordable housing, healthy environments, and human dignity. Our shared values are community, family, health, justice, equality, self-determination and democracy.

View the platform

November 2008

Voter Guides

Voter Guides

Proposition One-Pagers


2008 Voting Rights Palm Card

Palm Cards

June 2008


Proposition One-Pagers

November 2006

Voter Guides

These guides were developed to help educate and inform immigrant communities about the important issues that voters are being asked to vote on in November. You can download the voter guides and make copies or you can download the voter guide order form to receive hard copies. The voter guides are available in English and Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese and Korean. Voter guides are free to organizations that join the MIV Campaign.

Palm Cards

November 2005

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