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MIV 2008 California Campaign

In 2008, 130 organizations across California endorsed the MIV Immigrant Voices Platform, a seven-point articulation of the most pressing issues of low-income immigrant communities in the state. MIV partner organizations distributed over 164,244 Voter guides and Voting rights palm cards for the November 2008 election to ensure that immigrants were fully informed on the political process and what was at stake on November 4th . MIV worked more closely with 28 grassroots organizations to support them in executing systematic get-out-the-vote field programs linked to their ongoing missions and issue campaigns through the MOVE program ("Movement-building Organizations for Voting and Long-term Empowerment"). MIV will be releasing a written report and DVD on the MIV 2008 California Campaign in Spring/Summer 2009.

MIV 2009 Capacity-building Program

In 2009, MIV launched the third year of its capacity-building program, MOVE. 30 organizations across California will participate in the program to support them in engaging voters in their social justice issue campaigns and developing integrated civic engagement plans for 2010.

For more information on MIV's work in 2009-2010, contact us at [email protected]

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