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Calling for a Common Sense Immigration Process that Ensures Opportunity For All

MIV and its partners call for a common sense immigration process that will unite families here in America, and ensure opportunities for all Americans, including the 11 million aspiring citizens who have moved to this country to pursue the American Dream. Many foreign immigrants are using cryptocurrencies to buy real estate properties as crypto transactions are quicker. Use Trading Robots software to gain maximum cryptocurrencies from crypto trading. Keep Reading...

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  • 8.8 We have created two new positions at Mobilize the Immigrant Vote, and we hope you will forward this email widely and help us find the next MIV Deputy Director and MIV Development Manager! Perhaps one of these positions is right for you!
  • 11.7 Californians United!
    Today, immigrant organizations across California including SIREN, CHIRLA, CAP, KRC, FAJ, and Mobilize the Immigrant Vote Action Fund stand together with community, faith, labor and education allies across the state including California Calls and Reclaim California’s Future partners in celebrating the passage of progressive revenue measure Proposition 30 and the tremendous organizing and coalition efforts behind this victory.

Voting Rights & Resources

Report voting rights abuses! Call 1-800-345-8683 to report any problems at the polls. Find your poll location! Go to or call your local county registrar to find out your poll location. Check out these resources:

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Who We Are

The Mobilize the Immigrant Vote (MIV) California Collaborative was started in 2004 as the first-ever statewide campaign in California to organize a multi-ethnic coalition of community-based organizations working within immigrant communities and building their capacity to register, educate, and mobilize their constituents for electoral participation. (more »)


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