Announcing Aparna Shah as the New MIV Coordinating Director

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The Steering Committee of the Mobilize the Immigrant Vote (MIV) California Collaborative is thrilled to announce the selection of Ms. Aparna Shah as the next MIV Coordinating Director!

Ms. Shah was born in Manila, lived in Mumbai, and found home in the San Francisco Bay Area at the age of six. She has worked for social change, reproductive justice, youth development, and expanded democracy with immigrant communities and communities of color for over fifteen years as a teacher, trainer, program director, board member, and volunteer.

Before coming to MIV, Ms. Shah worked at MIV partner organization, Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice (ACRJ), for six years to build power and resources to advance the self-determination of women and people of color. At ACRJ, Ms. Shah supported the organization’s efforts to train youth and adults to be active leaders and educators on the multiple statewide ballot initiatives in California that threatened reproductive justice for young women. Ms. Shah brings her electoral background in field tactics, popular education, media and fundraising to MIV’s work. She offers insights into the continuum of civic engagement having volunteered on multiple campaigns to elect leaders of color to office.

Ms. Shah serves on the Board of Directors of the Pro-Choice Public Education Project, previously chaired the Leadership Council of the Bay Area Immigrant Rights Coalition, and served on the Board of Directors of Youth Together. Prior to working at ACRJ, Ms. Shah spent several years at a Beacon Center in San Francisco’s Mission District, building community and working to transform a public middle school into a vibrant youth and family center. She is a 2002 Fellow of the Asian Pacific American Women’s Leadership Institute and holds a Master’s degree in mental health from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

Aparna looks forward to strengthening her relationship with MIV stakeholders and allies. She joins the MIV team on December 3, 2009, as the new Mobilize the Immigrant Vote California Collaborative Coordinating Director. Starting on that date, Ms. Shah can be reached at [email protected]. Outgoing Coordinating Director, Mari Ryono, will remain on staff through March 2010 to ensure a quality transition.

In 2010, key policy and power decisions will be made. Will our communities be counted in the 2010 Census? What will be the outcome of the Mid-term Elections? How will immigrant voters and their families flex their power for immigrant rights and immigration reform? How will Californians fight back to reshape governance and fiscal policy in this time of economic crisis? Will we uphold or disregard civil and human rights for all as a state and country? The MIV Steering Committee thanks you for your historic colleagueship with the collaborative and looks forward to continuing to work with you in 2010 and beyond!

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