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This is Our Year!
April 19, 2008 - Basil Robledo, Services, Immigrant Rights and Education Network (SIREN)
As immigrant rights advocates and activists dedicated to increasing voter turnout in our communities, this is the year we have been waiting for! Fueled by the landmark presidential campaign, our communities are excited by the possibilities that the choices of November may bring. Read more »

MIV Concludes Successful MOVE 2007 Training Series!
January 1, 2008
In December 2007, MIV completed its precedent-setting statewide planning and training series, MOVE 2007 (Movement-building Organizations for Voting and long-term Empowerment)--MIVís first-ever between-election-cycle planning series with community-based organizations across California. We built on the MIV 2006 GOTV Project by working with a cohort of thirty grassroots immigrant organizations to support them in building the electoral skills of their teams, engaging in peer learning and political analysis, and developing tailored movement-building electoral organizing plans for 2008. MIVís 2008 California Campaign will build on the successes and lessons of our 2004-2007 annual campaigns. For more information about the MIV 2008 California Campaign, please contact us at info(at)!

MIV Launches MOVE 2007!
June 21, 2007
In June 2007, MIV launched its first-ever between election cycle planning series with thirty organizations across the state in six regions. Read more »

Mobilize the Immigrant Vote Open House
April 23, 2007
PLEASE JOIN US FOR OUR OPEN HOUSE THIS APRIL! This is a great opportunity to meet other MIV groups, share our 2006 experiences and learn about MIVís NEW plans for 07 & 08! Read more »

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